Part of TADL's 2012 Service Upgrades, the RFID tagging project kicked-off June 1. TADL is excited to introduce its team of tagging specialists. Library regulars may recognize quite a few of the tagging extraordinaires. Over the next 16-18 weeks this team will tag all 380,000 physical library items with RFID stickers in all six TADL facilities (East Bay, Woodmere, Kingsley, Fife Lake, Interlochen, Peninsula) and connect each item to the TADL catalog system.  
RFID, or Radio Frequency IDentification has become widely accepted in retail and now in a growing number of North American libraries. It allows mass checkin and checkout rather than requiring a person to wand each item at checkin and checkout.  It will not only improve inventory control district-wide but also help TADL control costs. 
An integral component of Express Checkout, the RFID tagging project is expected to be completed by September just in time for the grand opening of Express Checkout at TADL's Woodmere facility. The Woodmere (Main) Branch will be closed August 26-September 3, opening the day after Labor Day on Tuesday, September 4 with fully optimized services including: 
  • A New Welcome Desk that allows staff to greet visitors and provide direction to services and programs
  • Four Express Checkout Stations 
  • Accessible Hold Shelf
If you see the TADL TAG TEAM in the stacks of your local library, please know they are extremely busy tagging and should not be interrupted, except if you want to give them a "high five" for their hard work.
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