The Lord of the Gourd at Work
Pat Harrison, known to many as The Lord of the Gourd, turns everyday vegetables like pumpkins and gourds, into creations of art!
And every year, around harvest time, Harrison makes his rounds visiting some of TADL's Network of Community Libraries. 
He stopped by the Kingsley Branch of the Traverse Area District Library for an open house style demonstration of pumpkin and gourd carving on October 11.
"Pat always puts on a great show with his  creative hands-on artistic approach," said Mary Fraquelli, Manager for the Kingsley Branch Library.
The Lord of the Gourd is scheduled for one more appearance at the Fife Lake Public Library on October 30 from 1-6 p.m. Friends and families of all ages are welcome and encouraged to stop by the library to enjoy Pat's amazing pumpkin carving skills. Prepared to be inspired!  Fall treats will also be available to enjoy.