2011 Annual Report

Dear TADL patrons and citizens of Grand Traverse County,

Welcome to the 2011 Annual Report for the Traverse Area District Library (TADL). TADL is a network of six community libraries serving Grand Traverse County.  It is our goal and mission to continue to support the District's diverse and changing population in their quest for responsive, engaging and vibrant services.
We are making every effort to assure continued and even improved resources in support of TADL services throughout the entire District. While traditional revenues are declining, TADL continues to see an increase in demand. With nearly 1.2 million items in circulation in the last twelve months, circulation has steadily increased annually, 44 percent since 2008. On average more than 1,700 patrons collectively visit TADL’s Branch Libraries (Woodmere, East Bay and Kingsley) on a daily basis. We are focused on creating a sustainable service model in order to control cost while also providing improved support to the member and branch libraries ensuring continued patron access to TADL services and resources long into the future.

We thank you all for the opportunity to serve this wonderful community. And we thank you for utilizing TADL's network of community libraries.

Kinds Regards,

Jerry Beasley
President, Traverse Area District Library Board of Trustees


Metta T. Lansdale, Jr.
Director, Traverse Area District Library