SCORE: An Effective Website - The Place To Start

Jan 26th, 12:00pm at Woodmere

An Effective Website – The Place to Start Your website is often the first exposure that potential clients have of your business. This program will help make sure you understand how to make that first impression a great one. What... read more »

SCORE: Getting Your Start As An Entrepreneur

Feb 7th, 6:30pm at Woodmere

Getting Your Start as an Entrepreneur If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur looking for the real story about starting and operating a business, this workshop is for you. What You’ll Learn What it takes to be a successful entrepreneur How... read more »

SCORE: A Message that Connects

Feb 23rd, 12:00pm at Woodmere

A Message that Connects With all the different ways to present your message in today’s environment, make sure that you are crafting a message that connects with your intended audience What You’ll Learn How to write the most... read more »