View of the redesigned Woodmere Lobby: Holds Shelf and Express Checkout
Through the fall of 2012 TADL is undertaking long planned upgrades to the catalog and circulation systems to control costs and continually improve the high quality of services to the community you have come to expect. Read on so you can see the big picture and so you will see why we are so excited about the coming changes. 
CATALOG (Evergreen) ENHANCEMENTS - February 2012 and ongoing
  • TADL moved its online catalog from MI Evergreen, sharing service and space with several other libraries, to a stand-alone model hosted by Equinox which specializes in Evergreen library services.  With reliable service, the move significantly reduced TADL catalog downtime.  TADL's own programmers now have direct access to the open source catalog to make improvements and set parameters that meet TADL needs. 
  • Problematic catalog records were extracted and sent to Marcive for replacement and de-duplication so users can have more reliable search results.  200,000 records were upgraded early this Spring.  TADL catalogers are attacking the remaining knotty problems.
  • Catalog records were enhanced to provide improved cover art, tables of contents, published reviews and author information.     
  • Records for downloadable e-books, audiobooks and streaming video are gradually being incorporated into the online catalog so residents can look in one place to see all formats of an item the library provides.
RFID FOR IMPROVED MATERIALS HANDLING AT ALL SIX TADL LIBRARIES - Board approved April, 2012; tagging May through September 2012
  • Radio Frequency IDentification has become widely accepted in retail and now in a growing number of North American libraries.  
  • RFID allows mass checkin and checkout rather than requiring a person to wand each item at checkin and checkout.  
  • RFID will improve inventory control and help TADL control costs.  
  • 380,000 items will be tagged in all six TADL facilities this summer
  • Meet the TADL Tag Team
EXPRESS CHECKOUT AT WOODMERE- July through September 2012
  • In the last 12 months, TADL patrons generated 1.2 million lending transactions, 80% of them at the Woodmere facility.
  • Beginning this summer, patrons will have the opportunity to borrow books, movies or music using an express checkout station. Fast, convenient and easy, borrowers will simply scan their library card, scan an entire stack of materials (books, cds, dvds) and they are done! Gradual implementation will begin this summer as the tagging process progresses.
  • Friends of TADL has graciously offered to underwrite the cost of two express checkout machines.  Thank you Friends!!
  • Holds pickup will be self service:  once a borrower receives an email or phone notification that a request has arrived, the patron can come in, locate and grab the item with her name on it, check it out and proceed on her way.  - September 2012
  • CICK HERE to read Express Checkout FAQ'S on the Director's Blog. Answers to all of your questions.
 Fully maximizing the capabilities of RFID technology, Phase II allows further automation in the back rooms of the Woodmere facility, where 80% of all TADL loans (1.2 million per year) are processed, 
  • Materials returned at the Woodmere facility will will be automatically checked in and the borrower's account immediately credited using devices in the external and interior book return slots.  
  • Returned materials will be automatically sorted into one of five bins separating items to be held for waiting patrons or destined to be reshelved at the various TADL locations. 
The Woodmere Facility will CLOSE Sunday, August 26 2012 and reopen the day after Labor Day on Tuesday, September 4, 2012 to fully optimized services, which will include:
  • Welcome Desk that allows staff to greet visitors and provide direction to services and programs
  • Four Express Checkout Stations 
  • Accessible Hold Shelf
  • Click here for a printer-friendly view of the lobby design.
MeLCat COMES TO TADL! - projected for October 2012
  • TADL will join 400 other participating libraries for speedy and convenient interlibrary loan services.  
  • TADL doesn't own that book of persian poetry your mother recommended?  In the fall, you will be able to click on MeLCat in the TADL catalog, find it in another participating library collection, place your request and wait for an email message to let you know it has arrived in the daily delivery.  
  • We know you have been patiently waiting for this.
  • The upgrades described in this news item are all making it possible to finally bring you MelCat - this fall. Why?
  1. Libraries implementing MeLCat experience double to triple the volume of daily deliveries - the stress on systems and staff required RFID and express checkout to be in place to make this a pleasant experience for everyone.
  2. The online catalog problems needed to be solved to make TADL catalog accessible to our collaborating libraries.
  3. The NCIP connection between TADL Evergreen and MeLCat catalogs will be enabled by the time MeLCat comes to TADL.