The Story of Owen: Dragon Slayer of Trondheim

E K Johnston
I picked up this book because of the title and the cool cover. (Also, my brother’s name is Owen and the thought of him being a dragon slayer was too enticing.) The cover drew me to the book with its juxtaposition of orange and grays. The picture of Owen with his school backpack and long sword sealed the deal. The Story of Owen:...

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Knitting Experience: Inspiration & Instruction

Sally Melville
I can knit but I prefer crochet yet this series by Sally Melville is one I bought for my personal library and I've even made one of the projects from the "Knit" book. Clear explanations, projects modeled in various colorways, and of course, great projects. Every time I pass by this book I want to get out the knitting needles. ...

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Bear and Bird

James Skofield
Bear and Bird tells the gently moving story of friendship and death. Bear finds a young Bird on the ground unable to launch and fly. This help is the beginning of a lifelong friendship. One spring Bird returns from winter migration to find Bear has passed on. Bird is saddened by this loss and shares memories with a new bear (who...

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The Dumbest Idea Ever!

Jimmy Gownley
Diary of a Wimpy Kid fans, be on the lookout for this book. A full color graphic novel filled with fun and action, this will be sure to please. “A fantastic story for all ages!” says Jeff Smith, author of the Bone series. ...

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Ufos: Real or Imagined?: a Scientific Investigation

Stanton T Friedman
HAUNTED, Ghosts and the Paranormal is a new 5 book series. World’s Most Haunted Places gets the shivers going. UFOs: Real or Imagined? raises some interesting questions. Ghosts of War looks at the restless spirits of soldiers and spies. Modern Science and the Paranormal explores some unknown territory , and offers some possible answers. ...

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Splat!: Starring the Vole Brothers

Roslyn Schwartz
Splat; Starring the Vole Brothers follows the small, hilarious adventure of the Vole brothers out for a walk, and a pigeon. Nearly wordless, the fun is in exploring the story through pictures and implied emotions. A great “read-aloud and talk-about-it” story book. ...

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Deep-rooted Wisdom: Stories and Skills from Generations of Gardeners

Augustus Jenkins Farmer
In Deep-Rooted Wisdom, Augustus Farmer shares his inspiration for gardening. His mentors made use of the common place, never falling victim to trends or the latest sales pitch. While the focus is on gardening in the south, his reflections on native plants, heirloom seeds and homemade garden fixtures will appeal to anyone preferring...

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Trouble with Harry

Alfred Hitchcock
This is a Hitchcock movie you probably didn't know existed. The Trouble with Harry is a film that flopped at the box-office, and nearly killed Hitchcock during the making when an 850lb. camera unit fell just missing his head. You’ll recognize the faces: John Forsythe, Shirley Maclaine in her first movie, and a 6 year old Jerry...

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Old Sock

Eric Clapton
Old Sock is a compilation of some of EC’s all-time favorite songs and 2 new ones. Guests appearing on this his 21st studio album include Paul McCartney, Taj Mahal, the late J.J. Cale, and ex-super group band mate Steve Winwood. More than half of the tracks are reggae enriched, while the other half Clapton sticks with familiar standards. ...

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Amy Falls Down

Jincy Willett
Amy is a writer who doesn’t write all that much any more and is quite content to hole up in her home with her dog, teaching online and permitting the occasional interview. Until one day, Amy falls in her garden, hits her head on a bird bath, and temporarily erases her memory. When she comes to, she is waving goodbye to a journalist,...

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