New Lending Tote Bags at TADL

Have you ever collected so many items to checkout at the library, more than a handful, but realized you forgot to bring a bag to carry them home? Now, you can checkout a tote bag at the library!

In an effort to minimize plastic waste, TADL is moving away from plastic “courtesy” bags. Now TADL cardholders can checkout reusable canvas tote bags to carry their library materials home, even at the self-checkout.

The generous bags with a zippered top, easily accommodate large format books or a variety of items. Tote bags are loaned for the same checkout period as most other materials (4 weeks), there are no overdue fines on the bags. However, if an overdue bag is not returned within 45 days, the bag is considered lost and the borrower is charged for the replacement value.

Bags are available near the lobby desk checkout. If one isn’t readily available, please ask for one. Please return the bags to the inside of the library, and not into the book returns or drive thru return.