Dear Reader,

It has been so long since I’ve seen you wandering the sunlit stacks on the second floor. Were you the one with your brow furrowed in determination, eager to find precisely what you came in to find? Or were you the one meandering with a relaxed posture, curious where your serendipitous browsing will lead you? For the last month, that browsing has looked a bit different, hasn’t it? 

(Photo credits:  Photo by Dollar Gill on Unsplash, TADL Local History Archives and Photo by Cem Saka from Pexels

Well let me tell you, Reader, that the librarians are still working away, hunched* at our computers from various points in our residences (*Maybe this is just me, and maybe everyone else has great posture. What do I know!). My work-from-home set up has caused me great problems so far; can you relate? Do I sit on the couch or the dining table, at the mercy of any passersby who want to chat? Or do I sit on the floor, stowed away from opportunistic conversationalists? (To be fair, I have been accused of such interruptions, but let’s keep that between you and me.) If you’ve been keeping an eye on the library, you know that the library staff across all departments have been on social media and emails and zoom to offer you storytimes, password resets, tutorials for digital resources, where to find trustworthy sources for all the news being thrown at us, knitting classes, and more.

(pics are various staff at home workstations)

But back to the browsing. I’m gonna take off my librarian hat for a moment here and talk to you, reader to reader. Wandering through the digital terrain to find the next title has been surprisingly successful. Before the TADL building was closed, I read mostly physical books, bringing home treasured armfuls every week (some I finished, others I did not). And now, it is a similarly sized book haul, but it tires my arms far less. To maintain good mental health, I took to reading some fantastical books. I just finished the audiobook The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern. Have you read it already? It’s a wonderfully wordy story about the importance of stories with themes of doors and keys and time and ordinary choice, which I recognize is kind of stereotypical and meta for a librarian to read, but it’s truly an adventure. Perhaps you would like to read about adventures too? Consider this suggestion as your personal key, you just have to choose one title to get started.


Knowing you, Reader, you’re brave enough to use your key. Which door will you take?



Reference Librarian


**Click on each book cover to take you directly to digital titles in Libby/Overdrive, Hoopla or RB Digital for the two magazines:   Bake from Scratch, (aspirational reading, counts as fantasy because of the fantastical skills needed for baking (or maybe I’m just bad at baking, okay!)) and Retro Gaming (since we can’t check out video games, we may as well read about them!).

Please remember our digital resources are available to patrons in our taxing district (Grand Traverse County, Inland, Almira and Elmwood Township).  But that’s just the digital ones, check out the catalog at  for physical copies to place on hold (when we reopen).