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I don’t know about you, but I am having a really hard time focusing on reading right now and the last couple of months.  I know, odd right?! This coming from a librarian. The ten books I have checked out from the library (yes, only ten, I had the day off when we closed until further notice–gah!), I voraciously read within the first week.  Then we did posts in the weeks following and my #tadltoread pile was the same always–and ones I had already read.  Ebooks are fantastic and a great option and while I checked out my full limit in Overdrive and a couple in Hoopla, they sat there for a week.  THEN, I felt guilty for holding on to them just in case I might read them, when I knew people were waiting for copies.  So, the new Grisham will have to wait, same with Nora Roberts, Jude Devereuax, Philip Margolin and several others.  I left the Pattersons for you.  Yes, there were multiple titles as there always are. As for the others,  I have physical copies on hold and hopefully by the time I get them I will want to get back to reading more words other than just a recipe or how to tighten a chain on a dirt bike and quad.  Oh wait, the latter was a youtube video…it’s hard to remember the last thing I actually read.  Oh yeah!  It was how to heat up a Hot Pocket.  That counts, right?

What I have always adored are books that are made into movies.  LOVE them.  Just as wonderful are true events/stories made into movies.  I am a little odd in this area as well for I don’t have to read the book first and then watch the movie.  Odds are, I will probably watch the movie and think, “I bet the book will expound on that” and then I will read the book (cue The Martian by Andy Weir).  Sometimes, reading the book first ruins the movie for me.  Sometimes watching the movie stalls the interest in reading the book.  There are many times that watching the movie ruined the book for me for the movie doesn’t leave much to the imagination  as an author can by describing a character.  That can go both ways.  I may read about a character and get a picture in my mind and the movie casts the wrong person (in my opinion).  One instance is Tom Cruise in Lee Child’s Jack Reacher movies.  Tom Cruise is fantastic but if you read the books, you would know Jack Reacher is Six.Foot.Five., a big stretch for Cruise.  Usually it is obvious movie makers did NOT read the book first.  But movies sure do get landscapes and scenery right (think Last of the Mohicans—movie and book are fantastic, epic even. “Stay alive!  I will find you!”).  All that being said, let’s give you some incredible movies to watch in case your mind is like mine and is having a hard time focusing.  I will not bore you with what I have or have not read unless the need arises (if I am really passionate about one).  I will try and hold back for there may be too many comments.

(Disclaimer:  I really only like happy endings but I have branched out and may be limited to what is offered in Hoopla and Kanopy. After looking in both databases, I may need to add physical movies that the library carries.)

On another note:  A super easy way to find out if a book was made into a movie is by using the Based on the Book database from the Mid-Continent Public Library.  It is one of THE best resources.  You can search by movie title, movie year, book title and book author.  FAN.TAS.TIC. and thank you MCPL for putting in the hard work so I can enjoy and not reinvent the wheel.

I do feel that I should mention a couple series that are available on Netflix.  Series, whether they are books or TV can really be whimsically mindless (in a good way!).

Longmire (based on the western-type series by Craig Johnson)–6 seasons! And the library has them!! Woo hoo!
Virgin River (based on the series Virgin River by Robyn Carr)–not bad but not quite true to the books (yet) but only one 1 season has been released. Please keep in mind…whimsically mindless on this one.

Okay, let’s get to the movies.  I have found it will be easier to just link to the databases by categories and pull out a few I highly recommend (in no particular order and everything in BLUE is a link):

HOOPLA  Book to Film

An Ideal Husband (super fluffly but…why not?!)
Cold Mountain
Emma (again…why not?!)
Gone Baby Gone
Half of a Yellow Sun (Available in Kanopy, too)
Into the Forest
Mr. Holmes
No Country for Old Men (Gotta love Cormac McCarthy stuff)

KANOPY From Book to Screen

LOTS of great sub-categories here.  I absolutely would watch:

The Bookshop (So sweet! But more than that)
Dark Places (Charlize Theron and Gillian Flynn?!  Perfect blending)
On Chesil Beach (Fantastic book)
Miseducation of Cameron Post
The Children Act
Low Down
What’s Eating Gilbert Grape
My Side of the Mountain (Classic)
Room (so heartbreakingly…real)
Leave No Trace (so good!)
We Need to Talk About Kevin (freak.y)
Tell it to the Bees

Well, I could mention a TON more that we carry physically at the library but then this post would be so long, it would count as a new, fresh read for you (and me once I proof read it).  It may also be a novel instead of a post.  There are a few that I will mention because I tend to lean towards things that are happening right now, its effects as well as understanding and history.  The events recently has shown me that it is not enough to not be racist right now but more important to be anti-racist.  The best way to do that is to educate yourself.  Movies and documentaries can be a crucial tool in understanding the United States foundation on racism and its effect. Here are just a few that get right to the core:

The Hate U Give
When They See Us (Netflix)
I Am Not Your Negro
Fruitvale Station
Dear White People
12 Years a Slave
Mudbound (Netflix)

During the month of June, Warner Bros. Pictures has made the film Just Mercy, free on streaming platforms.  This is a powerful story about the systematic racism that plagues our society.  Gain access and stream for free here:

Just Mercy


Thanks for reading!  Keep an eye out at for more resources on social equity that will help educate and inform all ages.