Mask Thank You & Reminder!

We love being able to open the library every day and see our patrons excited to get new materials, so thank you to everyone who’s been so diligent with their mask-wearing! Masks today are the best tool we have right now to help us visit with you tomorrow.

In keeping with existing library policy, the Main Library is an indoor public space – as such masks are required for entry and they must stay on, fixed in the proper position (covering from nose to chin) for the duration of your visit. If this does not meet your needs we have several options:

  • Curbside Service
    • You can browse the library online, place your items on hold, and pick them up using our curbside service. Just call the main number (932.8500) and we will be happy to bring you your items in the parking lot.
  • Outdoor Wifi
    • Our wifi serves the entire library grounds, so you can use our digital services (browsing, web conferencing, etc.) in your car!

Patrons who do not adhere to the masking policy are in violation of current library rules of behavior and can jeopardize their library privileges. The safety of our staff and our community is our priority, we appreciate every effort you make to help us keep the library open and operating for the region. Thank you for understanding!