Local History Collection Changes

Due to COVID-19 pandemic protocols in place at TADL, and to prepare for new compact shelving (partially funded by a grant from The Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians), the Local History Collection (LHC) will operate under strict restrictions for the foreseeable future. A timeline does not exist for pulling back on these restrictions, but a management plan is in place to ensure the reinstatement of volunteers, materials donations, and access to the collection.

We’ve posted the changes below for your convenience, and click here to download a pdf to keep for future reference.


Volunteers are welcome to contact the Youth Department for optional volunteer opportunities: tadl-youth@tadl.org

Materials Donations

For your Historical Items, we suggest safely storing materials until we are ready to accept donations once again. We cannot physically assess items at this time but we will do our best to address any questions you have remotely. This allows us to work with potential donors to assess the best course of action towards potential donations. Please check Library hours and contact the Adult Services Department: ask@tadl.org or 231-932-8502. 


Researchers are encouraged to contact the Adult Services Department for research assistance: ask@tadl.org or 231-932-8502. Additional resources for researchers: 

  • Online research can be accessed directly through https://www.tadl.org/research/ including Genealogy and Local History databases and materials.
  • Nelson Room inquiries can be made in-person at the 2nd FLoor Adult Services Desk at the Main Library. The Genealogy Collection is available on the 2nd Floor of the Main Library for browsing.
  • The online Image Collection, see the following section.

Online Image Collection

You can access our online Image Collection any time. This digital archive houses the bulk of images and photographs available in the LHC as well as newspapers, finding aids, and other TADL-created research materials. Access the online Image Collection at https://localhistory.tadl.org/

Using the online Image Collection

  1. From the main page, you can find the image you are looking for using Keywords, clicking on the three-dot menu for additional search options next to the keyword search box, or by selecting “Browse Collections” or “Browse Items”. 
  2. If you “Browse Items,” on that page you will see a link that says “Browse by Tag,” which is another way to find related items in the collection. 
  3. When you find the image you are looking for, simply click on it to download!
  4. Each image has a unique Identifier. Keeping track of this number can help you and our staff with any further questions you may have about rights and restrictions for the image, and possibly rescanning if a higher resolution is required.

We do not charge for access or use of the images. However, we will happily accept donations that assist us in our preservation efforts for our fragile images and materials.

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and cooperation while we work to make the Local History Collection easier, safer, and more efficient to use!