Dial-A-Story, for Adults! (and kids)

Remember the simpler times when you were a kid and rules were meant to be broken, summertime curfew was when the street lights came on and a bedtime ritual was a story being read to you? Well, we are back to breaking those rules. Adults love to hear a great story too!

We have collaborated with local authors and poets to bring to you Dial-A-Story. Call anytime, day or night, morning or evening, breakfast time or bed time. Very simple rules with few decisions: Press 2 for adults, then decide if you want to hear a poem or tidbit of a story. You will enjoy your time listening to local poets and authors reading their own works. Writers like Bryan Gruley, Anne-Marie Oomen, Cari Noga, Teresa Scollon, Jake Smith, Peg Herring, Tricia Frey, John Wemlinger, Tim Keenan, Annie Spence, Doug Stanton, Stephanie Mills, Aaron Stander….just to name a few. We will feature one and rotate in others throughout time—so keep coming back for more! Other times of the year you may hear familiar voices from your library staff as well, just to mix it up. We want to help you get back to a simpler time, allow yourself to relax while listening to a soothing voice, introduce you to something new and help you find your next read.

Ready to get started? Dial 231-642-8385.

Dial 231-642-8385

**We did not forget the kiddos! When you call, you can press 1 for a kids story read by library staff.