EV Chargers at the Main Library!

You may have noticed our new TCLP EV chargers on the south side of the building (in the “curbside lot”) – they are ready to use!
Other important things to know about the chargers:
    • The easiest way to use these stations is to download an app called Blink on a smartphone or tablet. You can also start charging / pay by calling (888) 998.2546.
  • The app will charge you based on how much energy you use (the longer you spend charging the more you pay). The rate for the stations at the Main Library will be between $0.04 to $0.06 per minute spent charging.
  • The library does not accept any payments, nor do we get any revenue from the charging stations.
  • The stations are provided by TCLP and the library was not charged anything for the installation.
  • The two library stations stations will be able to charge a max of four vehicles at a time.
  • The stations support all electric vehicles with J1772 plugs, which is the North American standard.
  • There are other stations going in around town – click here for a Google map.

We’re excited to cooperate with TCLP on this green initiative – thank you TCLP!