It’s Braille Awareness Month!

Braille games from our collection 

January is Braille Awareness Month! If you’re not familiar with it, braille is a form of writing for the blind. It consists of cells that have 1 to 6 dots in them. Most often, the dots are embossed on paper and one reads it by lightly running your fingers over the dots. 

Louis Braille created this form of writing in 1824, when he was only 15! World Braille day is always celebrated on January 4th, Louis’ birthday. Even though he is most well-known for inventing braille for the blind, Louis was also a notable musician and organist. In celebration check out this amazing video from our digital library on Braille music and musicians

Did you know that braille was invented in Paris in 1824, but was not widely used in France until 30 years later – two years after Louis Braille died? It wasn’t until 1932 that a standardized English version was adopted. 

The Talking Book Library not only provides audio material for those qualified people with visual impairments, but braille material too. Do you know someone with visual impairments? Let them know about the Talking Book Library – we’re here to help!

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