Dear Summer Readers

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Come rest in the shady yet well lit stacks with me, dear readers. Do you count yourself as a nerd? A geek? Or something similar? As with me and my friends, the definitions and understandings of each of those words depend greatly on when and where you grew up. If you were surrounded by like-minded, friendly people, those words might be ones you identify with or even brag about. Otherwise, you might not find those words to be kind. Let me reassure you that you have a place here at the library, whether you count yourself as a nerd or a reader or both or neither, and we only use those words affectionately. Regardless, please brace yourself for a little bit of nerd talk.


This week is San Diego Comic-Con, which has been going for 52 years. It’s a large and popular convention in California that hosts pop culture in its many forms: celebrities, games, movies, books, and the many many vendors selling merchandise related to it. Did you know that Traverse City has its own version, called Cherry Capital Comic Con (C4)? While C4 happened back in May this year, Comic-Con is still something you can enjoy from your Michigan summer reading spot. They aren’t doing as much live streaming as they did last year where we were able to watch from home, but we sure can follow along in other ways.


The special guests this year are remarkable artists of their crafts. Some are known for their impressive skill at creating visual art, and some are well-known writers that you may have already read. Here’s a couple that I really like.

book cover of Tomi Adeyemi's Children of Blood and Bone

Tomi Adeyemi’s books have been in demand since they hit TADL shelves. They are known for creating an immersive magical world for young readers and teens (and sensible adults who read outside their age group, of course). Many readers who have moved on from the Harry Potter universe have said they found a new magical home here. You can find Tomi Adeyemi’s books in the TADL catalog or on Libby and Hoopla.

Lorena Alvarez is both an author an illustrator whose books are full of magic and whimsy. These books are also available on the first floor of the library with the children’s books, and I can’t recommend them enough. You can find Lorena Alvarez (also known as Lorena Alvarez Gómez) in the TADL catalog.

Amy Chu is another talented writer whose books span genres. From Rick & Morty to both DC and Marvel titles, she has written something for probably all kinds of nerds. Check out Hoopla for a couple of the Rick & Morty comics, or even if you’re more of a Red Sonja fan, or (as I just learned) you’d rather read a comic about the band KISS. If you’d like to try some of her books for younger audiences, TADL has those too here.


Other big names include Jaime Hernandez, Frank Miller, Jeff Smith, and Lila Sturges. Is there an author or artist you wish would go to Comic-Con?


Whose work would you like to share from the special guests list? Or maybe someone’s book to add to your TBR pile?

The Summer Library Challenge is from June 1- August 1, Fun, fantastic, free! Programs and events, reading challenges, and more! The theme is Oceans of Possibilities and has art from Indigenous artist Eva Oldman

As always, TADL has options for any kind of nerdy reader to get the book you want to read, which is especially important for this year’s Summer Library Challenge! You can track your minutes for whatever you read or listen to or enjoy. Library staff can help you find your next book/album/movie by using the TADL Catalog to get the items you can put on hold and check out from the library in person. We can also get you books from libraries throughout the state using MeLCat (Michigan electronic Library Catalog). For digital titles, you can use Libby by Overdrive and Hoopla Digital. If you aren’t sure which authors might interest you, fill out the Reading Recommendations form, and library staff will give you a place to start.


Please stay safe and cool this summer!