TADL Kids Text Tips

Tips for parents of preschoolers are texted right to your phone! These encourage interactive fun with your young children while also getting them ready for kindergarten.

  • January 17Find sounds in the house that are alike and different. Draw pictures of them and sort them into piles. (ex. Loud & soft, High & low).
  • January 10Babies and young children area able to focus for a short time when they have people to interact with them. Slow down without any electronics and just be with your baby.
  • January 3:Parents and caregivers support a child’s sense of self and safety with eye contact, using kind words and gentle touch. Play turn-taking games like peek-a-boo.
  • December 27: As you are playing with children, be sure to add 1-2 words they may not know. Doing so adds to their vocabulary in a fun way that they will remember much better than plain memorizing.
  • December 20The library has multiple digital resources for families who can’t make it to our physical space. Be sure to view resources like TumbleBooks and Early World of Learning when looking for stories and learning on the go.
  • December 13Talk about colors and shapes when looking at decorations during the holiday season. Bright colors and dazzling shapes atop trees and around the house attract children’s eyes.
  • December 6Make a puzzle at home out of cardstock or the inside of a cereal box. Have your child draw a picture or scribble on the blank side and then cut it into age appropriate pieces. Then put the puzzle together with your child.
  • November 29Take a picutre book walk with your child. Open a picture book to the beginning and ask your child about the pictures and story they see developing. There are no wrong answers. When you get to the end, read the book and talk about how the book was different or similar to what they originally saw.
  • November 22Be sure to tell your children stories about your family’s Thanksgiving traditions and how they started. Help bring the past alive with items that appeal to your child’s 5 senses, including photos.
  • November 15Try signing the alphabet song to the tune of “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” This way, your child can more clearly hear all of the letters, especially L-M-N-O-P.
  • November 8: Some words have more than one meaning. Talking about different meanings of words helps your child build their vocabulary.
  • November 1: Happy Halloween week! Costumes are a great play activity and can be done at home on any day of the year. And the costumes don’t need to be fancy, either. Put your heads together and make it fun!
  • October 25Practice tossing and catching soft balls and beanbags with two hands. This builds important gross motor skills in children.
  • October 18Have lots of paper and chunky crayons around the home for drawing. This not only encourages creativity but also builds strength in hands for future writing.
  • October 11In conversation with children, repeat words they say and add new words. This helps in children’s vocabulary development.