Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Dec. 2020

(Updated Dec. 15, 2020) This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list is related to our Main Library closure.

  1. Will my holds and due dates be extended? Yes – all dates will be adjusted accordingly in the TADL system.
  2. Can I pick up my items at another TADL location? Since the Ma in Library is completely closed, with no staff members on site, we cannot circulate any items that are in the Main Library. 
  3. Can I return items to another TADL location? As the other TADL libraries are on curbside service, with limited area for quarantining returned items, we ask that you just hold any items you have until the Main Library reopens.
  4. Were any members of the public exposed? No. As we were already operating via curbside service only other TADL staff members had direct contact with the COVID+ individual. Anyone who used a computer or visited our drive-thru Santa event was not in contact with the affected individual.
  5. Why is the Main Library closed, and why for so long? Around noon on Monday Dec. 14, 2020, we received news of a Main Library staff member’s positive COVID test result. In accordance with established health department guidelines we immediately began the process of closing the Main Library. Because staff from all departments were in contact with the positive individual, we had to completely close for two weeks to contain the exposure and allow time for affected staff to quarantine. As of Tuesday morning, Dec. 15, 2020, we’ve already had the Main Library building deep-cleaned. While Dec. 28, 2020 is the earliest date we can reopen safely, should other cases arise among staff that date could change. We’re hoping that our swift and decisive action will minimize the impact and get the Main Library back open as quickly as possible.
  6. I ordered something from the online store, can I pick it up? No, unless you have been directly contacted by TADL staff. All online orders will be filled once the Main Library reopens.
  7. What are my options for materials? If you don’t already use our digital services now is a great time to get to know them! You can download ebooks, audiobooks, movies, and more at We have online tutorials available to help you, and you can access them with a computer, smart phone, or ereader. We’ll be highlighting these on our social media over the coming days!
  8. How are the staff? Luckily any staff affected are only having mild symptoms.  We hope that all of our precautions we take including mask wearing, social distancing, sanitizing around work areas, and the air ionizations system will prevent any of the exposed staff members.  Thanks for the outpouring of good thoughts for a quick recovery! 
  9. What about the fish and plants? We do have a few staff members who make quick trips in to take care of our beloved fish and lovely plants.