Friends of TADL: Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Meetings

To learn more about the Friends of TADL, we encourage you to attend one of our monthly meetings of the Friends of TADL Board of Directors. Meetings are normally held on the first Tuesday of the month at noon in the Thirlby Room at the Main Library (2nd floor).

For those unable to attend meetings, or interested to learn about upcoming projects, the Minutes from past TADL Friends Board of Directors Meetings are provided below.


Minutes and Documents

December 2019   FriendsTADL-Minutes-Dec0319  FriendsofTADL-FinancialReport-Dec19

November 2019  FriendsTADL-Minutes-Nov1919  FriendsTADL-FinancialReport-Nov19

October 2019 – FriendsTADL-Minutes-Oct0119  FriendsTADL-FinancialReport-Oct19

September 2019 – FriendsTADL-Minutes-Sep0319  FriendsTADL-FinancialReport-Sept19

August 2019 – FriendsTADL-Minutes-Aug0619  FriendsTADL-FinancialReport-Aug19

June 2019 – FriendsTADL-Minutes-Jun0419   FriendsTADL-July19TreasurerReport

May 2019 –   FoTADL-AnnualMtg2019  FriendsTADL-Minutes-May0719  FriendsofTADL-FinancialReport-May19

April 2019 –  FriendsTADL-Minutes-Apr0219     FriendsofTADL-FinancialReport-April2019

March 2019 –  FriendsTADL-Minutes-Mar0519    FriendsofTADL-FinancialReport-Mar19

February 2019 –  FriendsTADL-Minutes-Feb0519     FRIENDSFinance-FEB2019

January 2019 –  FriendsTADL-Minutes-Jan0819     FRIENDSFinance-JAN2019

December 2018 –  FriendsTADL-Minutes-Dec0418     FriendsDec18TreasurerReport

November 2018 –  FriendsTADL-Minutes-Nov1318     Friends-Nov18TreasurersReport     FriendsTADL-MembershipMtgMinutes-Nov2818

October 2018 –  FriendsTADL-Minutes-Oct0218     Friends October Financial Packet20181112

September 2018 – FriendsTADL-Minutes-Sep0418

August 2018 – FriendsTADL-Minutes-Aug0718