2.1 Budget Adjustment and Disbursement

The Board of Trustees annually adopts and authorizes a total budget for the forthcoming fiscal year. The budget includes both income and expenses. This budget may not be adjusted in aggregate without formal action by the Board.

The total expenditures budget is subtotaled into four broad categories and each of these categories contain several specific line items:

  • Personnel Services (701-725)
  • Supplies (726-799)
  • Other Services and Charges (800-969)
  • Capital Outlay (970-987)

The Library Director, as Chief Fiscal Officer, may, at his or her discretion, adjust line items within each of the four categories but may not adjust the subtotal of any category without Board authorization.  Under no circumstances will any adjustment made by the Director increase the total authorized budget.

Any disbursements of an amount greater than $25,000 will be authorized only upon approval of the Board.

The Library Director may make purchases or replace or add employees within Board-approved limits as described above, without further board authorization.

The Director will keep the Board informed in a regular and timely manner as to the status of the budget.

Revised 13 May 2010