2.3 Credit Card Use

The Traverse Area District Library wishes to use credit cards to streamline and enhance the purchase of Library materials and services and Public Act 266 of 1995 requires that local units of government adopt a credit card policy. It is the policy of the Traverse Area District Library that:

  1. The Library Director shall be responsible for the issuance, monitoring, and retrieval of the Library credit cards and for overseeing compliance with this Credit Card Use Policy. The Business Manager shall be responsible for reconciliation of all credit card bills.
  2. Credit cards shall be used only by an employee holding a managerial position or position requiring a purchasing function at the Traverse Area District Library and shall be used only for the purchase of goods or services for the official business of the Traverse Area District Library.
  3. The total combined authorized credit limit of all Library credit cards shall not exceed 5% of the total budget for the current fiscal year.
  4. Limits will be placed on each card based on budget and role of each authorized user. Pre-approval of credit card usage may be required per limits established in internal guidelines.
  5. The balance due shall be paid on or prior to the due date by automatic deduction from the Library checking account only after review by the Business Manager and approval by the Library Director.
  6. An employee using a Library credit card is responsible for the protection and custody of the card and shall immediately notify the Traverse Area District Library if the card is lost or stolen.
  7. An employee using a Library credit card must submit to the Business Manager a form showing an itemized list of goods or services purchased with the card, the cost of purchase, date of purchase and official business for which purchased. The original sales receipt must be signed by the employee cardholder and should be attached to the form. Forms will be submitted in a timely manner in order to reconcile credit card statements.
  8. Unauthorized use of a Library credit card by any employee shall be cause for disciplinary action up to and including dismissal. The employee will be held responsible for the payment of unauthorized purchases.
  9. Employees must surrender the Library credit card immediately upon termination.

Adopted on April 12, 2011 / Revised April 21, 2016 / Revised October 21, 2021