2.4 Disposal of Materials, Furniture, and Equipment Policy

It is the policy of Traverse Area District Library (TADL) to dispose of library materials, furniture and equipment that are no longer functional or useful in a manner that serves the best interests of the Library and to the extent possible, the best interests of the community. 

When an item or equipment no longer has value to the Library as determined by the Library Director and administrative staff, it will be removed from inventory. Items of interest or value to other libraries will be offered directly to those libraries before disposal in one of the following ways:

A. Library Collection Materials
Collection materials that have been weeded and withdrawn from the collection will be:

  1. Discarded or recycled if they are in poor condition or contain information that has since been updated through further study, such as medical or other technical or scientific materials.
  2. Offered to the Friends of TADL for inclusion in their book sales.
  3. Items not accepted by the Friends of TADL will be properly discarded or recycled.
  4. Discarded collection materials will not be offered directly to the public. 

B. Furniture and General Use Equipment
Furniture and general use equipment no longer of use to the Library and of minor value may be donated to a non-profit, charitable  organization. 

C. Computer Equipment and Digital Devices
Disposal determinations and destinations of computer equipment and digital devices will be made by the Library Director and /or Assistant Director for Technology. These items, no longer of use to the Library but have a small residual value may be donated directly to another library, non-profit entity for use in educational programs, sold. In the event that it has no value will be disposed of through a technology recycling company. 

D. Grant Items
The disposal or sale of items obtained through governmental grants shall be subject to the restrictions mandated for the acceptance by the Library of the grant. 

Items not covered by the above will be sold through auction or publicly advertised sale, including Internet sale, with any proceeds from such sale being deposited to the Library’s General Fund. 

Items that have no marginal or no resale value, or does not sell through auction or publicly advertised sale will be recycled or discarded in the best interest of the Library. _____________________________________________________________________________________

Revised March 2005 / Revised May 19, 2022