2.6 Donor Recognition

Realizing that the donor, whether individual or corporate, is the crucial element in any giving program, TADL acknowledges that importance through the following Donor Recognition Policy.

A prompt acknowledgement of the gift is made to the donor, and if it is a memorial or tribute, a card is sent to whomever the donor requests, notifying them of the gift to the library (no monetary amount is included).

Gifts to the library over $500 are placed on the donor wall for permanent public recognition and will be displayed accordingly in one of the following gifting levels:

  • Gold Level – $10,000 or more
  • Silver Level – $5000 – $9,999
  • Bronze Level – $500 – $4,999

Names will appear only with the permission of the donor –donors reserve the right to remain anonymous.

Gifts over $10,000 used for a specific purpose will be acknowledged on the donor wall, and if a gift is used for a specific purpose a plaque acknowledging the donor will be displayed in the area where monies have been spent.


Adopted November 15, 2007 / Revised September 18, 2014 / Revised September 24, 2015