3.2 Borrowing Parameters and Delinquent Charges

In order to exercise good stewardship over the lending collections, borrowing parameters are set by Traverse Area District Library. TADL aims to keep books and other media in hands of people who want them, as long as they need them, while encouraging on-time return of borrowed materials for use by others. TADL policies and procedures are designed to foster the highest possible utilization of the lending collection, a limited resource. Materials are to be returned by the end of the day on which they are due. Notices are to be issued to inform borrowers of delinquent status of accounts. Borrowing privileges are suspended when fines and fees exceed $10. Borrower may bring fees below the $10 cap with partial payments.
Directors of the libraries within the District are authorized to enforce loan periods and fines. Loan periods, fines and notices are to be uniformly applied throughout the district.

Replacement of Lost and Damaged Materials
A replacement fee is charged to the borrower account if an item is lost or damaged and beyond repair. Items not returned 45 days past the due date are defined as Lost. If a missing part cannot be individually replaced, the full replacement cost is billed to the borrower account. Overdue fines are over-ridden by replacement cost.

Fees and Fines for Minors
A person less than 18 years old and the parent or guardian of any person less than 18 years old is responsible for any fees, fines, damage to the library or its collections, or other costs incurred by the minor at the library and return of materials borrowed by the minor. The Library Record of a minor may be released to either the minor or the parent or guardian.

Material Recovery Agency
The Library Director is authorized to utilize a material recovery agency to assist with seriously delinquent accounts. Accounts are referred to the agency 60 days after the due date when the account balance exceeds $25.00. The account is billed an additional one-time service charge when submitted to the agency based on the agency fees.

Policy 3.2 “Borrowing Parameters and Delinquent Charges” replaces former policies “Overdue Service Charges and Notice Fees” of January 2003 & “Charges for Damaging Library Materials” of March 10, 2005. Updated May 13, 2010; Revised April 21, 2011; Revised June 16, 2011; Revised December 13, 2012; Revised February 19, 2015; Revised February 16, 2017; Revised August 15, 2019; Revised May 21, 2020; Revised December 16, 2021