3.3 Library of Things Policy


The Traverse Area District Library ‘Library of Things’ is a collection of non-traditional library items (herein referred to as a Thing or Things) that complement the Library’s mission of providing dynamic resources and innovative services to stimulate intellectual curiosity, facilitate lifelong learning, promote literacy, and nurture personal enrichment.

Borrowing and Use

  • Things must be checked out from and returned directly to the same Service Desk of the lending library from which the Things were borrowed.
  • A fine will be added to the borrowers account if any Things are returned to the book drop or left somewhere outside or inside the library.
  • A valid TADL library card with no suspensions imposed per Library and Account Policy is required to borrow a Thing.
  • Some Things require that borrowers must be 18 years or older including but not limited to some tools, Wi-Fi hotspots and laptops.
  • By checking out a Thing, borrower agrees to follow all Library policies and all state and federal laws governing the use of that item.
  • If circumstances warrant, the Library reserves the right to refuse a borrower the use of items from the Library of Things or to discontinue borrowing privileges for items in the Library of Things collection.

Lending Periods and Fines

  • Loan periods for Things can vary by item.
  • Things may be renewed unless another patron has a hold on the it.
  • Please see the Fines and Lending Periods for more details.
  • Overdue fines vary depending on the Thing. The maximum overdue fine will equal the replacement cost.
  • Based on Michigan Penal Code, Act 328 of 1931, MCL 750.362 and 362a, which provide that any person who converts for their own use or fails to return rented tangible library property shall be guilty of larceny, and be prosecuted for a misdemeanor: If the Thing is more than 30 days overdue, it will be considered lost or converted to personal use and the borrower will receive a bill to cover the replacement cost of the Thing. If a billed item is returned in good condition, the bill will be removed from the borrower’s account, but the borrower will be responsible for all overdue fines.

Responsibility and Liability

  • The borrower must read and sign the TADL ‘Library of Things’ Lending Rules and Agreement prior to borrowing any Things.
  • The borrower is solely responsible for the Thing and will be billed for the repair or replacement cost associated with any damage or loss of a Thing and/or accessories excluding normal wear and tear.
  • The library is not responsible for any defects in any borrowed Library of Things.
  • If any borrowed Thing becomes unsafe or in a state of disrepair, the patron must immediately discontinue use of the item and notify the library of the issue upon returning the Thing.
  • A list of replacement costs of Things is maintained by the Library and is available for viewing upon request.
  • The Library is not responsible for the loss of data while using a Thing.
  • The Library is not responsible any consequences for the borrower’s actions while using the Thing.
  • The Library will apply any required rules or regulations to its Things.

Care and Operation

  • The Thing may only be used, operated, and cleaned in compliance with TADL’s policies, intended use, and manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Borrower shall not make any modifications or alterations to the Thing.
  • Use care and safety when handling and using the Thing.
  • Return the Thing with all parts, components and accessories.
  • Do not attempt to repair a Thing.

New on August 18, 2022