3.3 Limited Borrowing Privileges

Short-term Limited Accounts

Cards for accounts with reduced borrowing limits will be issued to applicants currently residing in short-term housing. We define “short-term” as a place a person on the average would stay less than a month. Examples of short-term housing include: hotels, motels, halfway houses, campgrounds or temporary shelters.

Verification of the address can be made by seeing a picture ID plus a room receipt, rent receipt, or recent mail to that address.  Visitors to the area will be required to produce for library records a permanent address verified by a valid state driver’s license or state ID.

With this limited card the customer may have up to three (3) items checked out at a time, excluding any Lending Equipment or Presentation Equipment. The limited card expires after three months, whereupon residence must be re-verified for renewal.


Reviewed January 2003 / Revised March 17, 2011 / Revised February 20, 2020