4.4 Bicycle Policy


The library provides 32 bicycle parking places.  This is a limited resource and the library wants to accommodate as many bikes as possible.  The abandonment of bicycles on library property is not permitted.  Bicycles chained to trees and light poles or other fixtures cause damage, and unless all bike racks are in use, the library actively discourages visitors from inappropriately affixing their bikes to these fixtures.   The library actively promotes the use of installed fixed bike racks and frequently monitors their use to assure enough bike parking spaces have been provided.

The Traverse City Police Department has a procedure in place for disposing of abandoned bikes and has agreed to take bikes considered abandoned at the TADL Woodmere facility.

Abandoned Bicycles

  • If a bicycle is continuously parked in the same place for three days without being moved, the Library considers it abandoned. 
  • If a bicycle is deemed abandoned, a tag with a time stamped warning will be attached to the bicycle. If the bicycle is not relocated within four days of being tagged, the police will be called, and they will remove and confiscate the bicycle. 
  • In the process of removing and confiscating a bicycle, the Library will, if necessary, cut and discard the lock, chain, or security device. 

The Library is not responsible or liable in any manner for lost, stolen, or damaged bicycles, or for the replacement cost of locks, chains, or other security devices. 

Bicycle Parking

  • Bicycles must be parked in the fixed racks provided. 
  • They may not be chained to trees, light poles, fences, benches, or other fixtures unless bicycle parking spaces are all in use.
  • Bicycles improperly parked may be confiscated by cutting and removing the locking devices, when necessary. All confiscated bicycles will be turned over to the police department.

Adopted June 16, 2011