4.6 Public Use of Meeting Rooms

TADL Library facilities are intended for library business needs.   When they are not needed for library use, meeting rooms are available for use by individuals and groups subject to this policy, related administrative procedures and other TADL policies.  

  1. Library programming and other business needs will have priority over any other use of library facilities.   Use reserved by other individuals or groups may be cancelled or pre-empted for library business needs.
  2. Rooms may not be reserved more than three months in advance.  No organization or individual may reserve a room more than 12 times in a single year or one day in any single month.
  3. The meeting rooms are only available during hours the Library is open to the public.  Groups that do not leave the Library meeting room by Library closing or in time for the next scheduled use of the room will be charged an overuse fee and will forfeit the right to future use of the library meeting rooms for one year from the date of this infraction.
  4. Refunds will be given if reservation is cancelled at least seven (7) days prior to the scheduled day of the event.  Use of the meeting rooms may not interfere with normal library functions or operations and must be in accordance with the library behavior policy.  Use of alcohol or controlled substances is prohibited.
  5. An admission fee may not be charged to attendees of events in library meeting rooms. No promotions or sales of services, products, merchandise, materials or other items are allowed. Sales of service or merchandise are not permitted except during library programs. 
  6. If you would like to screen a film as part of a public program, you must obtain a Public Performance License (typical range: $300.00 – $500.00) for the individual film(s) from a licensing agent which allows you the right to screen your film publicly at TADL. This license is required even if your film is offered to the public for free and is educational in nature. You will be required to provide TADL with a copy of the license that specifies the title and screening date of the approved film.
  7. Public presentations by candidates for office or supporters or opponents of ballot initiatives are permitted and encouraged in the meeting room if they are sponsored by a non partisan organization and multiple candidates or sides of an issue are presented.  
  8. Use of facilities does not imply Traverse Area District Library endorsement of the group or of the ideas presented at the meeting.  
  9. Individuals and groups approved to use Library meeting rooms shall not discriminate with respect to access to Library space against any individual on the basis of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or religion.
  10. TADL facilities may not be used for weddings or private parties.
  11. All meetings held in TADL facilities must be open to the public.
  12. Specified individuals must take personal responsibility for rooms they reserve on behalf of groups they represent.
    1. Individuals who reserve a meeting room must be 18 years of age or older, and that individual shall be responsible for supervision and security during the use of the meeting room.  
    2. All minors using the room must be under supervision by an adult 18 years of age or older in attendance at all times.  
    3. Any damage to the room arising from the use by any individual or organization shall be billed directly to the individual who secured use of the room.   

Fees and Fee Waivers

TADL reserves the right to waive fees for community organizations whose mission is consistent with the mission of the district library.   Reservations are secured upon receipt of a completed application and payment of rental fee. 


Overuse and Cleaning Fees – $100 Each

Any group which fails to leave either the McGuire Room or the Thirlby Room clean and undamaged, fails to leave the rooms in their original condition or fails to clean the kitchen, may forfeit the right to use of the library meeting rooms and will be charged a cleaning service fee.  

Groups that do not leave reserved rooms by Library closing or in time for the next scheduled use of the room will be charged an overuse fee.


McGuire Room Rental – 1st Floor Woodmere

The McGuire Room may be reserved with a fee for individuals or groups when it is not required for library business needs.    

McGuire Room Fees Up to and including 4 hours 4 + to 8 hours More than 8 hours
Full Room Rental –  For Profit  $200 $400 $600
Full Room Rental –  Not for profit (NFP) $100 $200 $300
McGuire Room Fees (cont.) Up to and including 4 hours 4 + to 8 hours More than 8 hours
½ Split  Room Rental – For Profit  $150 $300 $400
½ Split  Room Rental – NFP    $  50 $100 $150
Room Rental Fees include room set-up of chairs and tables, use of Projection Screen, Podium with microphone, Marker board / easel,   overhead transparency projector, slide projector, overhead video projector, wireless microphones, TV/DVD/VCR, Kitchen use – Coffee urn (no food prep).  Detailed needs must be provided in advance with the reservation.
Additional Equipment rented hourly For Profit Not For Profit
Kitchen use (food preparation) $50 $20
Piano $100 $50


Thirlby Training Room Scheduling and Rental – 2nd Floor Woodmere

Public use of this room must be scheduled in advance.  The use of installed equipment in this room is limited to library business needs or organizations paying a rental fee.  Non fee paying public users of this room may bring in personal laptops and silent projectors for group meetings but may not use sound projection.  

Thirlby Room Fees
Room Rental with use of installed equipment $25 per hour
Scheduled without use of installed equipment No Charge


Study Rooms A, B and C – 2nd Floor Woodmere  

Public access to these rooms is available by inquiring at the 2nd floor Reference Desk.  Study Rooms and their furnishings may be used for up to two hours.   No additional equipment will be provided for use in these rooms.  Except for library business needs, advance reservations for use of study rooms are not accepted.  There are no charges for the use of the study rooms.


Study Room D – 2nd Floor Woodmere

Study Room D may be reserved in advance for no charge when it is not required for library business needs.   It may be used by walk-ins when not previously scheduled.


Nelson Michigan History Room – 2nd Floor Woodmere

This room is reserved for library use and may not be scheduled unless for official library business.  When not in use, it is available to the public as a quiet reading room and for use of the historical collections housed there.


Children’s Story Room – 1st Floor Woodmere

This room may only be used for the business needs of the library.


Kingsley Branch Library

Use of the Meeting Room facility at the Kingsley Branch Library is scheduled by the Village of Kingsley.  


East Bay Branch Library

There are no public meeting room facilities at the East Bay Branch Library.


Indemnification – Individuals responsible for reserving the use of a meeting room shall indemnify and hold harmless the Traverse Area District Library, its agents and representatives, from any and all suits, actions, claims or demands of any character or nature arising out of or brought on account of any injuries or damages sustained by any person as a consequence or result of using the meeting room, its furnishings or its equipment. TADL takes no responsibility for personal items that are lost, stolen or otherwise missing from public spaces.