4.8 Computer and Internet Acceptable Use Policy

  1. The Traverse Area District Library offers its patrons free access to the Internet via Public Access Computers and its Wireless or Wired Network. The Library is not responsible for the accuracy, currency or appropriateness of material found online.  Library staff is available to assist in evaluating the information found on the Internet and can recommend sources that have been found to be reliable.
  2. Pursuant to state and federal law and to create a safe environment for library patrons and staff, Internet access on all Public Access Computers will be filtered. Different levels of filtering are enforced depending on the location of the Public Access Computers and the age of the patron using a given computer.  Filtering of Internet access on the Wireless or Wired Network will be set at levels that promote a safe environment for library patrons and staff and in compliance with state and federal laws.
  3. Library staff will respect patron’s rights to access constitutionally protected material. Unfiltered computing options will be made available in the Public Computing Center at the Woodmere branch upon request by users over the age of 18 in a manner consistent with state and federal law.
  4. Time limits will be used to provide equal access to public computers with the option for users to extend their computing session if no other users are in queue.  Time limits and extension options will vary based on library location.
  5. Public computing locations may be restricted by age.
  6. A valid library account number is required for access to any type of TADL public computer; either in the form of a library issued library card, or a driver’s license or state ID linked library account.  Without a valid library account number, a temporary, one-time-use, guest pass is available for stationary computers only. Access to TADL public computers by means of another person’s account is strictly prohibited.
  7. Borrowers with account balances exceeding $5.00 in fees or fines may be prohibited from access to public computers.
  8. Library computer hardware, software or network infrastructure is not to be used for any unlawful purposes.  Tampering with or altering Library software, hardware or network infrastructure is not permitted.  The Library is not responsible for any data loss or corruption that may occur when using the TADL Public Access Computer or Wired or Wireless Network.
  9. Failure to comply with this will result in the loss of Internet and Computer Use privileges at Traverse Area District Library for a period of time, consistent with the TADL Behavior Policy.

The Library shall post this entire policy in at least two prominent areas in the Woodmere Library building and in each branch Library Building.

Policy “Computer and Internet Acceptable Use Policy” replaces former “Internet Access Policy / Acceptable Use Agreement” of January 2003. / Adopted July 21, 2011 / Board Review August 16, 2012/ Board Approval Oct. 18, 2012 / Revised February 20, 2020