6.1 Inter-Library Loan Policy

TADL will attempt to borrow from and will lend to reciprocating libraries that are located in the United States or Canada, with the following exceptions: 

TADL will not provide ILL service to borrow:

  • Items published in the most recent six months.
  • Items that are owned by the Traverse Area District Library (unless all copies are lost or missing).
  • Bound periodicals. TADL will request photocopies or microform.
  • Books printed before 1900. TADL will try to borrow these materials in reprint or microform, if available.
  • E-books and downloadable audio.
  • Software.

TADL will not lend to other libraries:

  • Materials in any format published more recently than one year plus the current year
  • Materials in any format designated “Hot” or “New”
  • Movies or recorded music

Interlibrary Loan Service will be withheld from TADL patrons who:

  • Have lost materials or fines of $25 or more.  
  • Have overdue Interlibrary Loan materials.

ILL Renewals

Interlibrary Loan materials are not renewable without prior consent of the lending library.  Borrowers must contact TADL at least three days in advance of the material due date with a request to renew ILL item(s). 

Borrower Accountability

Consistent with TADL lending policy, Interlibrary Loan materials may only be checked out on the library card of the person who requested them.

TADL Fees for Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Service

  • TADL does not impose an ILL service fee to residents of the Traverse Area District Library taxing district. 
  • The patron’s borrowing account must be current (may not be expired).
  • Non-resident patrons are charged a $5 administrative fee in addition to any fees imposed by the lending library.   
  • TADL interlibrary loan fees must be paid at the time the service is requested. 

Lending Library Fees for Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Service

  • Lending library fees could be in the form of per page photocopy fees or Interlibrary Loan service fees.
  • Patrons will indicate in advance the maximum amount they will pay the lending library for ILL service.  
  • Fees imposed by the lending library are charged to the borrower’s account.   
  • Failure to return an Interlibrary Loan will result in a minimum charge of $50 to borrower’s account. 
  • Failure to pay ILL fees will result in suspension of subsequent ILL services.


Policy Reviewed January 2003  

Revision June 21, 2012