7.3 Employee and Volunteer Recognition Policy

The Traverse Area District Library (TADL) acknowledges that as a public entity, it must be a steward of the public funding it receives and ensure that expenditures of Library funds are consistent with its statutory authority, which includes the establishment, maintenance, and operation of a public library; as well as the performance of any other thing necessary for conducting library services.

TADL recognizes the invaluable contributions made by its staff and volunteers, and recognizes that maintaining the morale of staff and volunteers is a necessary component to its success.  TADL also recognizes that TADL employees and volunteers are a particularly dedicated group and many go above and beyond the call of duty on a frequent basis.  TADL hereby finds that maintaining the morale of its staff and volunteers is necessary for conducting library services.

For these reasons, the Traverse Area District Library Board of Trustees adopts this policy.  No gift shall be provided to employees or volunteers contrary to this policy.  

Employee Holiday Gifts.  Employees shall be recognized in December of each year.  The amount of the gifts shall be nominal (i.e., $25 or less per employee) and shall be a line item in the annual TADL budget.  The purpose for the holiday recognition is to maintain productivity by improving morale and decreasing turnover.

No Other Employee Gifts.  No other employee gifts (for example, retirement, birthday, expressions of sympathy) shall be provided to employees using Library funds.  However, the Library Director may, in his sole discretion, recognize employees on an infrequent basis and in nominal amounts if the recognition does not have an adverse effect on the budget, when the Library Director determines that the gift is necessary to maintain employee morale.  All such gifts shall be reported to the Board at the next-scheduled Board meeting.

Volunteers.  Recognition is an important component of TADL’s volunteer program and is often the only way in which the Library can say “thank you,” to a volunteer.  TADL recognizes that volunteer services are a necessary component to providing an adequate level of service to library patrons.  Although individual, informal recognition of volunteers may occur on a regular basis, it is important that the Library formally recognize volunteers as a group on a regular basis, at least annually.  It is the policy of this Board to formally recognize volunteers in a nominal amount not to exceed $20 per volunteer.  It shall also be the policy of this Board to formally recognize volunteers who have given extraordinary service to the Library by approving resolutions of the Board commemorating such service.

This policy shall not be deemed to create a contract between the Library and its employees and volunteers, and the Library may modify this policy at any time for any reason.

Adopted 9 February 2006