7.6 Use of Supplemental Substitute Employees

As the need arises, TADL hires substitute employees to work in various departments in the library.  In addition to the terms of this policy, substitute employees are subject to policies in the general employee manual.


Substitutes are considered “irregular part-time” employees. Substitutes will be paid biweekly and are subject to all applicable withholdings from their pay, including any federal, state and local taxes, FICA, and Medicare.    After a substitute completes a 90 day introductory period, he/she will be eligible to enroll in the library’s 401k plan, as an alternative to the Old Age, Survivor and Disability Insurance (OASDI) portion of Social Security, if they so choose.  Details of the plan are included in the Employee Manual.

Substitutes are paid for all compensable time, including time for mandatory meeting and training sessions.  There is no pay for lunch or dinner hours.

Substitute positions are considered “at-will,” which means substitute employees may voluntarily terminate their employment  at any time, with or without notice, or the library may terminate their employment at any time, with or without notice.  Two week’s notice of voluntary termination is appreciated so that the library is  able to reassign any previously committed substitute  dates, but it is not required.

When, after one year, a substitute has not been offered or accepted an assignment from TADL, that employee will be considered to have resigned.


Training will take place in one or more departments according to library need.  Approximately 8 hours of training is scheduled in each department in which the substitute will be working.  After training, staff will continue to work closely with substitutes until they feel their skills have progressed to a level at which they can work more independently.  


There are no guaranteed hours for substitutes.  The hours worked will be based on the needs of the library and substitute availability.  Substitutes may be called for planned or unplanned absences of regular library employees.  

For unplanned absences, substitutes can expect little or no advance notice of library needs.  If repeated requests are turned down and a substitute has not worked for 12 months, they will be considered to have resigned.


The head of the department in which the substitute has worked the most hours in the evaluation period will complete evaluations.