7.9 TADL Remote Work Policy

The Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA) issued Emergency Rules related to COVID-19 on October 14, 2020 (MIOSHA Emergency Rules).  In compliance with the MIOSHA Emergency Rules, the Traverse Area District Library (TADL) has implemented this Remote Work Policy.  The purpose of this Remote Work Policy is to set forth TADL’s remote work feasibility analysis for determining which employees must work remotely, which employees must report to work and perform work on-site, and which employees must perform some of their job duties in-person and other job duties remotely.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, TADL shall institute the following Remote Work Policy, as mandated by state, federal and/or local authorities.  This Remote Work Policy mandates that any work that can feasibly be performed at home must be performed at home.  While TADL understands that it is the nature of the Library to serve the public and that many positions require staff to perform all or some of their job duties in-person, any staff that are not required to perform certain of their job duties (or all of their job duties) in-person shall be prohibited from working at the Library when performing such duties. 

The following categories of work activities may feasibly be performed at home:

  • Administrative work:  Marketing, Human Resources, Financials, and Administrative Support (except for accounts payable duties)
  • Technology Department work (except to support staff performing in-person work)
  • Collection Management work, e.g. book ordering
  • Program Planning and Implementation work
  • Reference work

The following categories of work activities may not feasibly be performed at home and must be performed on-site in the Library

  • Collection Maintenance. This category of work activities cannot be performed at home as the books and materials are physically located in the Library and staff must be available to assist patrons in the Library to access on-site Library books and materials, and includes:
    • Work performed by Pages: processing returned books, shelving, and pulling books for patrons.
    • Reference work when it requires the use of on-site resources to answer questions and maintain the collection.
    • Processing Department work which requires being on-site to process new materials.
  • Facility Management and Maintenance. This category of work activities must be performed on-site to regularly manage and maintain Library facilities and physical assets.
  • Technology Department supporting staff performing In-person work. These work activities must be performed on-site to ensure quick and efficient responses to technology needs of on-site employees, and to have ready access to on-site equipment to provide such support.
  • Management as needed to supervise in-person staff.  These work activities must be performed on-site to allow management to observe in-person staff in the performance of their work while on-site and to be able to quickly and efficiently respond to any on-site issues or problems that may arise.

Policy new on December 17, 2020