Teen Volunteer Opportunities

The Traverse Area District Library has many volunteer opportunities for teens. We strive to offer tasks that are accessible to a wide range of teens. Whether you need volunteer hours for school or are just looking to be more active in your community, the library would be pleased to benefit from your time.

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We are looking for volunteers to complete these tasks:

Number of hours earned Frequency of task needed Specifics
.25-2 hours, depending on how long the task is performed Once a week at each location Clean Outdoors

Clean up around outside of library property. 

1 or more hours, depending on how long the task is performed  Twice per year at each location Dust

Remove books from shelves, dust shelves, clean any spots, replace books in the original order.

3 hours 20 per year,

6 that are built around the *SRC theme

Craft Kit

Volunteers will come up with a craft idea and create instructions for completing the project. Information that must be submitted by the volunteer:

  • Supplies Needed, including links to where they can be purchased.
  • Cost per kit, aim for $1-$3 per kit. Must be under $5
  • Step by step instructions.
2 hours One for each craft kit Craft Kit Video Instructions

Volunteers who designed a craft kit that is selected for use may create the instruction video after the supplies are purchased.

3 hours 24 per year Book List

Volunteers will compile a list of materials around a theme. Themes will be chosen from a list of what the library will need in the future. If approved by the librarian, other themes may be used. 

Book lists will ideally include: 

  • 16 titles
  • 10 Fiction, 3-4 Nonfiction, 3-4 Graphic Novels
  • For each title: Title, Author, a brief description (may be cut and pasted from our catalog)
  • All materials on list must be in circulation at TADL

Preapproved themes are:

  • Asian Pacific Heritage Month
  • Black History Month
  • Diverse Ability Awareness Month
  • Earth Day
  • Hispanic Heritage Month
  • Jewish American Heritage Month
  • LGBTQ Pride Month
  • Mental Health Awareness Month
  • National Autism Awareness Month
  • National Native American Heritage Month
  • National Poetry Month
  • Summer Reading Club *see note
  • Women’s History Month
1 hours No limit Print Book Ad

Using Canva, Photoshop, or a program of choice, volunteers will create a letter sized poster for a book in TADL’s collection. This will be submitted as a .pdf at least 300 dpi. 

.25 hours No limit Book Pitch

Volunteers will submit 2-3 sentences about a TADL owned book intended to entice another teen into reading the book.

1-3 hours No limit Video Ad

Volunteers will film a 30 second to 2 minute ad for material that is in TADL’s collection. The material may be a book, game, music, movie, puppet, or any TADL material or service. More time may be given to the project depending on creativity and difficulty of execution.

.5-3 hours, depending on how long the task is performed Every 3 months Web Link Maintenance

Volunteers will be given a checklist of TADL web pages that need to be evaluated. They will follow the links and record any broken, inactive, or misdirected links.

3 hours No limit Program Creation

Volunteers will create a non craft in-person or virtual program. Programs will contain the following:

  • Program title
  • Description of program
  • How the program meets one of these library programming goals
    • Literacy
    • Creativity
    • Community
    • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Budget 
    • Budget for program must be $50 or less
    • Include links for any material that may need to be purchased
  • Specific instruction for running the program
2 hour 20 per year,

6 that are built around the *SRC theme.


Volunteers will compile 10 trivia questions around a theme. Both questions and answers must be included as well as the source. The source should be provided as a link, book title with page, or person. If a person is used as a source, their name, credentials, and contact information should be listed. Trivia will be used for passive programs and/or scavenger hunts.

1 hour Once per week Teen Leadership Group

Volunteers will participate in the Teen Leadership Group (TLG) at their home library location. If their location does not have an active TLG, they can earn an hour for approaching the library and proposing to create and lead a TLG. 

Meetings take place:

  • Main Traverse City- Wednesday 4:30-5:30
  • East Bay Branch- TBD
  • Kingsley Branch- TBD
  • Interlochen Public Library- TBD
  • Fife Lake Public Library- TBD
  • Peninsula Community Library- TBD

*Summer Reading Club (SRC) Theme 2022: Oceans of Possibility- Oceanography