Online Teen Services

The goal is to stay connected while practicing social distancing to keep our families and the community safe. If you need research or homework assistance or please contact a teen Librarian. Teen Services email is teens@tadl.org. This email will be monitored twice daily so please wait patiently for a response.

10:00 AM Challenge

A new challenge is posted every day at 10:00 in the morning. Try to complete it before the next challenge is posted. Each completed challenge is worth 10 points. Bonus points are always worth 5 points. 

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Past challenges can be found here.
Garak reading to Bashir, the plant and their pets.
Story Time!
Bashir tripping over Effie the lizard.
Watch out for lizard tails if you walk and read!

4/4/2020 Challenge: Read a book recommended by someone you would enjoy having lunch with.

4/3/2020 Challenge: On this sunny Friday take some time for self care. Create a relaxing space with music, candles, or other comforting objects. Spend 20 minutes doing nothing.

4/2/2020 Challenge: Read under a blanket with a flashlight (or a lit-up screen.)

4/1/2020 Challenge: While reading, after every page flip, let out a malevolent laugh. Vary the intensity of the laugh, from low chortle to full-on evil, maniacal howling. Bonus points if anyone around you asks if you’re “all right.”

3/31/2020 Challenge: Read out loud while pacing through the house.

3/30/2020 Challenge: Set a reading goal for yourself for the coming week, e.g. “I will read 150 pages this week,” “I’ll finish this book by the end of the week,” “I’ll do every 10:00 am reading challenge this week.” Write it out and tape it where you’ll see it every day, and write the reward you’ll give yourself (or a kind person in your house will give you) if you meet that goal.

3/29/2020 Challenge:  Sunday is a fun day! Repeat your favorite challenge.

3/28/2020 Challenge: Read out loud to your houseplant, pet, or favorite object. Remember to do voices (they’re the best part)!

3/27/2020 Challenge: Find an obscure place in your home: an empty tub, inside a toy box, under the table, or any other non-typical reading spot and read for 10 minutes.

3/26/2020 Challenge:  Every time you turn a page, do a push up. Adaptations are always allowed.

Online Togetherness

2:00pm weekdays: Discord Chat Study Break

Join Linda, Amy, or Brian to talk about what you are reading, watching, doing and feeling.

How to Join a Discord Server:
  1. To join a server you must have its invite URL. https://discord.gg/CykYVZ2
  2. Sign in into your Discord account or create an account.
  3. Click on the “+” icon in the left column.
  4. Click on “Join a Server”.
  5. Enter in the invite URL or paste the invite URL using Ctrl + V or Cmd + V.
  6. After pasting the invite URL click on Join.
Things For You To Do

BreakoutEDU Escape Game

Kittens for Relaxation

Exercise for Health

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