Library Displays

Please note, due to COVID-19 precautions our internal procedures related to displays and displayed materials have changed. Thank you for your help in keeping our library safe, beautiful, and informative!

Flyers & Promotional Materials for Public Display

The library has a few dedicated areas to post promotional material for local events and other newsworthy items. A sample must be submitted in advance for approval prior to posting. A copy of the regulations governing public postings is available here.

Due to existing COVID safety procedures all submitted paper materials must be quarantined for four days prior to review – so please allow time for this review in advance of your event.

For the safety of everyone we would prefer to receive your flyers via email, as pdf files. Click here for our form to submit your flyer for displayIf you are unable to supply a pdf please take a photo with your phone and email it here.

If you bring a paper copy of your flyer into the library please know that it will be quarantined for four days, according to our safety procedures, prior to review. If approved library staff will post the items in our dedicated areas near the front circulation desk.

Special Displays & Shows

Individuals and groups may request display areas for artwork and other special displays. The cases currently available for such displays are located in our stairway atrium, facing the windows.

library displays library displays library displays

This area allows for viewing with appropriate distancing space. Signage promoting your show/display may also be provided for the public display case near the front desk, and we can also include it on our website’s events calendar.

For the safety of everyone, we request that you plan your display in advance and select one or two representatives to install the display. A diagram of the available cases, with dimensions, is available here.

The displays must be approved in advance, here is a copy of our display regulations. Please submit photos of your proposed items and/display by email and we will follow up with you. The calendar below shows the existing bookings for the special display cases.