Download & Stream Changes - Feb. 1, 2023

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Beginning February 1, 2023 TADL will be adjusting some of its download and stream offerings. Changes include:

  • Overdrive/Libby - 15 check-outs and 10 holds at a time
    • Why are you changing Overdrive/Libby?
      • So many patrons are placing holds on Overdrive that the amount of holds on popular items is making the items unavailable for very long periods of time. By adjusting the number of holds per person we're hoping the wait time will go down a bit.
  • Hoopla - 5 items a month
    • Why are you changing Hoopla?
      • Hoopla is different from our other services in that items available are all priced differently. Any check-out incurs the cost of the item, even if someone changes their mind and returns it right away. This makes it extremely hard to budget, and we must have a very close idea of cost because our annual overall library budget is very tight. In short, we have to make this adjustment in order to make our library budget sustainable.
      • Ideas on how to continue getting all that great content you love:

Thank you for using the library!

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