Our newest project – a bookmobile!

We’re hitting the road – It’s time to get excited for our new bookmobile!

Thanks to Rotary Charities’ Assets for a Thriving Community grant program we have plans underway to bring a brand-new bookmobile to the TADL service district. We received a major grant ($50,000) from Rotary Charities and built a match with current library resources, as well as donations from other individuals and groups. We owe a special thank-you to Martie Manty and the Betsie Valley Community Center, their help and advice were instrumental in helping us get our grant application put together!

When will the bookmobile be on the road? As soon as possible! 

We’re sourcing as much of the project as we can from inside the TADL service district (#buylocal) but much depends on vehicle availability. As soon as we have a more definite schedule we’ll post it here – and we’ll be planning a celebration on the day it’s delivered!

What will the bookmobile include? 

Our base vehicle will be the van and loading accessories (ramp, book carts, etc.). It will have a hotspot (like the BATA buses) so we can serve wifi to anyone near the bookmobile, a computer to check out books, and a fold-out awning on one side. Future plans include the traditional bookmobile (with books and other library materials) as well as configurations for a mobile tech/STEM setup with computers and printers and more. 

Where will the bookmobile go?

We’ll be creating a schedule that we will post on this page, based on input from library leadership and community need. It will also have GPS on-board and we plan to have an interactive map to show you where the bookmobile is! We want to reach areas of the district that do not have a library close by, and prioritize access for others who have difficulty physically accessing library buildings. Future plans include a form for this page to request a stop. 

What will it look like?

To be determined! This is all new to us too, and as our plans develop we’ll announce them both here and through our TADL newsletter.

A clipping from our local history collection – 1964! If you’re interested in more local library history there’s a new book coming out later this year.

Do you have a bookmobile memory to share? We’d love to hear it – just email us ask (at) tadl.org or send it to us through Facebook.

I’d like to be part of this project, how can I help?

We view this as the definition of an asset for a thriving community and we would love YOU to be a part of it! We’re building the foundation now and developing future plans, but here are some items on our immediate wish list:

Put a:
book on the bookmobile – $25
movie or album on the bookmobile – $35
tank of gas in the bookmobile – $50
book cart/cabinet on the bookmobile* (6 available) – $1250
rolling traditional bookcase on the bookmobile* (1 remaining!) – $3500
generator & mount on the bookmobile – $7500
Tommy (lift) gate on the bookmobile – $5000
projection screen on the bookmobile – $5000
donation of any size toward the bookmobile!
Put a book in a child’s hands! – $10  

We’ll use these special donations to purchase books and give them away to children to keep. Many children do not have books at home and having readily accessible books is key to building a lifetime of literacy and love of reading.

Sustaining Fund: Contact us if you would like to donate to our new bookmobile sustaining fund. These dollars will be invested and used to sustain the bookmobile program over the long term (i.e., when the vehicle needs major repair, replacement, etc.)

Librarians will use your donations to select the books, movies, and albums for the bookmobile. Items with an asterisk* have the option of adding a donor plaque with your name. All donors will get a TADL bookmobile vinyl sticker. Donors at the $1000 level and above will get a bookmobile t-shirt!

We’re happy to accept donations by check too! Just mail them to:

Traverse Area District Library

Attn: Michele P. Howard, Director/Bookmobile

610 Woodmere Ave.

Traverse City, MI 49686