1 Governance

1.1 Authority of Committees
1.2 Amended Bylaws of the Traverse Area District Library
1.3 Oath of Office for Trustees
1.5.1 Electronic Communication for Trustees
1.6 Freedom of Information Procedures and Guidelines
1.6 Freedom of Information Act Public Summary
1.6 Freedom of Information Act Request Detailed Cost Itemization
1.7 Traverse Area District Library Trustee Ethics Statement

2 Finance

2.1 Budget Adjustment and Disbursement
2.1.1 Fund Definitions
2.2 Purchasing and Contracting Policy
2.3 Credit Card Policy
2.4 Disposal of Scrap, Salvage and Excess Items
2.5 Gift Policy
2.6 Donor Recognition Policy
2.7 Investment Policy Statement
2.8 Tax Capture

3 Circulation

3.1 Borrowing Privileges
3.2 Borrowing Parameters and Delinquent Charges
3.21 Fines and Lending Periods
3.3 Limited Borrowing Privileges
3.4 Confidentiality of Library Records
3.5 Mailing Lists Available to the Public
3.6 TADL 3D Printing Policy
3.7 Wi-Fi Hotspot Lending Policy

4 Facilities

4.1 Behavior Policy
4.2 Smoke and Tobacco Free Campus
4.3 Unattended Children
4.4 Bicycle Policy
4.5 Bulletin Board and Brochures Policy
4.6 Public Use of Meeting Rooms
4.7 Equipment Use
4.8 Computer and Internet Acceptable Use Policy
4.8.1 Public Access Laptops and Other Mobile Devices
4.9 Speech Related Activity Policy
4.10 Opioid Antagonist Administration Policy and Procedures

5 Collection Development

5.1 Materials Selection Policy
5.2 Disposal of Withdrawn Materials
5.3 Access to Materials Based on Age
5.4 American Library Association’s The Freedom to Read
5.5 American Library Association’s Freedom to View
5.6 American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights

6 Reference and Information Services

6.1 Inter-Library Loans
6.2 City Directory Information
6.3 Public Relations Policy

7 Human Resources

7.1 Conflict of Interest Policy
7.2 Drug Free Workplace
7.3 Employee and Volunteer Recognition Policy
7.4 Volunteer
7.5 Nepotism
7.6 Use of Supplemental Substitute Employees
7.7 Discontinuance of Email and Phone during Unpaid Leave
7.8 Code of Ethics for the Traverse Area District Library