Ultimate 155 Community Read-a-Thon

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We're growing a community of readers!

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Just imagine if you couldn't read this page - or the instructions that come along with your medication. Literacy - the ability to read, and understand what we read, is key to health, happiness, and success in life. It helps you complete forms, read manuals and safety instructions at work, and plays a large role in many other critical tasks that show up throughout each day.

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  • Who/What: You! Everyone is welcome and encouraged to take part in this community read-a-thon.

  • When: Sign up and get your reading log now! Then read 15.5 minutes a day for 155 days - one day for each year of our library history. Start reading anytime, just know that you must start by April 11 to complete this challenge by the deadline.

  • How: You can find the read-a-thon on Beanstack or get a paper log from your library (Woodmere, East Bay, or Kingsley). Or, download and print a log to get started right now!

  • Where: Anywhere! Once you've signed up do your reading anywhere - the beach, camping, the library - read far and wide.

Why: Unfortunately, Michigan's literacy rate is not ideal. The bad news for elementary readers, in 2023 only about 65.6% of Michigan's third graders met state standards for reading proficiency. (Source) Overall, the pandemic's effects still impact reading levels. Additionally, there is a direct correlation between literacy and GDP. (Source)

The good news, we can change it! 

While literacy is always at the core of what we do as a public library, in the 2024 budget TADL's Board of Trustees created a special allocation to boost literacy outreach. This allocation is in conjunction with the twin goals (targeted outreach, innovative engagement) of the last year of our current strategic plan. This read-a-thon is to help raise community awareness - reading is fun AND reading is essential!

Another why: Anyone who completes the read-a-thon by Sept. 13 and turns in their log by Sept. 20 will receive a special prize pack AND an invitation to an after-hours read-a-thon celebration at the library in October!



Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's up with the sign? Yard signs arrived 4/5! You're welcome to pick one up at the library front desk. Post it in your yard to help boost community reading awareness - and if you send us a photo we'll enter you into a weekly prize drawing for TADL swag! Send your sign photos to news(at)tadl.org, and we'd love to see your fun reading photos on social media (#tadlreadathon155).
  • I'm already reading for another challenge - can I count it for this too? YES! If you've read 15 minutes for any other purpose - school, another library challenge, etc. - you can count them here.
  • When can I start? Anytime! But, you must start by April 11. That's the last day you can start reading and complete 155 days before the Sept. 13 deadline.
  • How do I turn in my paper log? Just bring it to the front desk of your library by Sept. 20, 2024.
  • What can I count as reading - do audiobooks count? Yes! Audiobooks count, as does any other type of reading - whether it's a piece of music, graphic novel, comic book, newspaper, magazine, a manual, or other type of book.
  • I might need some encouragement?! We love that you're committed to maintaining your reading fitness! Beanstack users will receive an email newsletter each month. If you don't use Beanstack but would like a monthly email newsletter or note in the regular mail click here to sign up.
  • Can I get a poster to hang up? Yes - Thank you for supporting the Read-a-Thon, it's a fun (and important skills) challenge for companies, groups, and organizations to do together! Download and print the poster of your choice here:
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